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Overwhelmed with the Confusing Public Works Requirements?

We. Can. Help.

Capstone Consulting Services, Inc. offers Public Works Contractors peace of mind when navigating through complicated prevailing wage mandates. 

We help contractors avoid penalties and fees by:

  • Determining the applicable prevailing wage.

  • Producing compliant documentation such as DAS 140/142 apprenticeship forms, certified payroll reports, electronic certified payroll, and more!

  • Ensuring that labor laws and apprenticeship requirements are being followed. 

  • Collecting and reviewing supporting compliance documentation for accuracy prior to submission to prime contractors, labor compliance companies or State and Federal agencies.

  • On-Site training for contractors.

  • Expert assistance through DLSE investigations and complaints.

  • OCIP & CCIP Insurance Reporting for Public and Private Construction Projects

  • Human Resource Consulting

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